Jumat, 28 Januari 2011

JJ Lin [ Down ]

JJ Lin (Lín Jùn Jié) 林俊杰

I can't believe it tell me I'm dreaming
that we are still we
it was amazing said you were lucky
that you found me

it was on a rainy day that we met
you didn't have a place to go

I said we just met so lets go slow but no
you just told me to keep you from the cold
sorry I can't take it
why did you fake it why did we kiss


and I'm just down
you left me with a note without a sound
I figured out I must have been such a child
you'll never know how much I've been around
how my heart just frowns

if you're down
I'll be your teddy bear I'll be your clown
I'll take you round and round and
if you don't mind I could be your standing ground
even if that means I'd drown

Repeat @
Repeat Reff

and baby that would be my
one last vow

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